Rugged Series Cases

Get moving with the Rugged Series! The heavy duty Rugged Series case that keeps your phone safe from drops and bumps. Wireless ready, it works with both Qi charging and MagSafe (no magnets in case). A pocket-friendly profile with robust defense and added grip combine to ensure you keep going again and again.


  • Dual-layer defense
  • Works with wireless and MagSafe charging pads (no magnets in case)
  • Pocket-friendly design
  • Secure non slipping grip
Rugged Bottomland Camo - kamoskinz
Rugged Vintage Duck Camo - kamoskinz
Rugged Vintage Duck Camo

22 reviews
Rugged Ol 'School Camo - kamoskinz
Rugged Ol 'School Waterfowl Camo

12 reviews
Rugged Forrest Camo - kamoskinz
Rugged Vintage Timber Camo

10 reviews
Rugged Trebark Camo - kamoskinz
Rugged Trebark Camo

4 reviews
Rugged Natural Gear Natural Camo - kamoskinz
Rugged Natural Gear Natural® Camo

3 reviews
Natural Gear SCII Camo - kamoskinz
Rugged Natural Gear SCII® Camo

1 review